Jaume  Cullell

Jaume Cullell

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First Name * Jaume
Last Name * Cullell
Username * JaumeCullell
Country * España
City Barcelona
Nationality España
Languages Spanish



Availability: Freelance
Website jakurradas.blogspot.com


My name is Jaume Cullell. I'm a freelance Cartoonist and Illustrator from Barcelona, Spain.
I was born in Montornés del Vallés, Spain in 1983.
I always had a pasion for drawing, and since I can remember I was always drawing everywhere I was.
When I finished my studies at college, I studied in the Animation School of Catalunya for three years.
Soon I started working as a storyboard artist for advertisements and music videos.
Thereafter I've working as character and props designer for animation TVseries in Neptuno Films, Garage Films, Southen Star and BKN International.
I've been design supervisor for TV series: Zorro Generation Z, Pocket Penguins, Stone Age and Joshua Blake.
I've also done some ilustrations for roleplaying games and boardgames: Arkharia, FallenSun, Ethos.

If you want a full CV, please contact me. Thanks.


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